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We can save you so much time when browsing through your Digg friends’ submissions using our Submission Bar. Simply clicking the Next button, you will be taken to the next story of your friends’ submissions automatically. You can see the story’s title, topic and the submitter of the story from the bar. With the List View, you can also view all submissions with the ability of sorting and filtering as well. Just enter your Digg username below and get started immediately!
  • One Click to Next Story
    Check the Digg Story above the Submission Bar. Simply clicking the “Next” button, you will be taken to the next of your friends' submissions immediately.
  • Last 24hr Stories with History
    You will get the last 24 hours of your friends' submissions in realtime. You can also easily mark any stories read or unread.
  • Show You the Submitter
    Within the Submission Bar, You can see the avatar and username of the submitter along with the title, url and topic.
  • Fully Functional Listing View
    Viewing all friends' submissions in one page. Filtering and Sorting are available when clicking on the username, topics and column titles.